2009 DECMA article by Ruth Dennett
2009 "NEWS4U" Magazine Story
Al & Barbara Visit Jerusalem Ridge
Thomas Point Beach Festival 2008
Ossipee Valley Bluegrass Festival 2008
Grey Fox Festival 2008
Mandolin Jam at Tennessee Party
Bluegrass Pioneers at ROMP in Kentucky
Pioneers of Bluegrass Gathering 2008
Pioneers of Bluegrass Gathering 2009
Al Hawkes IBMA Nashville 2005
Al Hawkes IBMA Nashville 2006
Al Hawkes IBMA Nashville 2007
Al Hawkes IBMA Nashville 2008

Al Hawkes IBMA Nashville 2009
American Journal - When Westbrook Rocked
Turning Point
The Fitness Barn
The Blue Silk Coat
Putting the Al in Aloha
The Big Event
American Journal: Ramblings
The Second Career Comes First Again for Al Hawkes
International Bluegrass Music Museum Comes To Maine
Joe Val Bluegrass Festival Story

More to come very soon...
Gazette Newspaper Interview, Snowmobile Sal, The Galax Festival In Virginia, Walking Service Man Sign, The Gathering & Birds of a Feather, Awards & Recognition, Hawkes TV & The Sound Cellar, Recordings Archive Library, Crazy ďAlĒ & The Gorilla, Barbara, Alís Best Pal, and more!